Leverage and Legacy programme

The Puawānanga Leverage and Legacy programme leveraged Aotearoa New Zealand’s role as co-hosts of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ to create a lasting legacy for our country.

Puawānanga Leverage and Legacy

A girl wearing a headband, a white feather in her hair, earrings and a moko kauae. She has her arms out to receive some pois.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ is the largest women’s sporting event in the world. Co-hosting an event of this magnitude provided us with an incredible opportunity to maximise the benefits for Aotearoa New Zealand and New Zealanders, as well as further champion equality for women and girls, engage our communities, tell our stories to the world and to create lasting benefits for our country and our communities. 

To ensure this happened, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has worked with other government agencies to create Puawānanga, a leverage and legacy programme designed to drive social and economic benefits for Aotearoa New Zealand.

The name Puawānanga was inspired by a native New Zealand plant that climbs from the forest floor to the canopy above to seek the sunlight in which it blooms, making it a suitable metaphor for ‘Beyond Greatness’, FIFA’s slogan for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™.

The government set aside $10 million for Puawānanga, to support projects that will help achieve outcomes in four key focus areas:

  • Mana Wāhine (raising the profile of women and girls in sport and wider society)
  • Te Tangata (thriving communities)
  • Te Ao (enhancing our international relationships)
  • Ōhanga (economic growth).

A list of the Puawānanga projects can be found in the below table.

Name Summary Lead agency/third party provider Financial investment (plus GST) For more information
Advance the Flow An overarching education programme about addressing period inequities and changing the conversation around physical activity, menstruation and women’s health more broadly. Advance the Flow uses the platform of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ to offer insights into women’s health and at the same time ‘reduce stigmatisation of menstruation and encourage more rangatahi to feel empowered to remain active and engaged, especially during adolescence, in sport, active recreation, education and community’. Sport New Zealand $300,000 Balanced female health - Sport New Zealand website(external link)
Equalize A free entry discussion series around the country celebrating women in sport, business, culture, and society. New Zealand Story $1,200,000 *please note this figure includes the amount to deliver the Wāhine Firsts project (details to be announced) Equalize - EyesOneNz(external link)
EyesOnNZ A community engagement project, using a website and social media channels to tell our stories and to raise the profile of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023™ and the events surrounding it. New Zealand Story $400,000 Eyes On NZ website(external link)
GirlBoss “Make Your Move” project Thousands of young wāhine across the country were given the opportunity to develop their confidence, resilience and leadership skills at programmes including school holiday programme, activation hubs and an online course. Ministry of  Education,
GirlBoss New Zealand
$350,000 100 days until the FIFA Women’s World Cup press release - Beehive website(external link)
In Our Backyard Schools
programme - Kōtuitui
Kōtuitui is a learning module to support schools and kura, sporting organisations and communities to engage ākonga (students) in new ways of learning through football, leveraging off the excitement of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ taking place in our own backyard. Sport New Zealand,
New Zealand Football
No funding provided. Kōtuitui New Zealand football website(external link)
Inspiring the Future A programme for schools where young people heard from role models to help to broaden their horizons in terms of potential career pathways and to help challenge stereotypes. Tertiary Education Commission No funding provided. Inspiring the future Aotearoa website(external link)
“It’s Time” Campaign It’s Time is an advertising campaign that aims to raise interest, awareness and engagement in elite women’s sport. The campaign features a range of female teams and athletes competing on the world stage and encourages Kiwis to watch, follow, attend and support women’s sport, with a specific focus on each World Cup being held in New Zealand. Sport New Zealand $500,000 It's Time - Sport New Zealand website(external link)
International Trophy Tour Engagement A series of offshore activities led by New Zealand Embassies and other NZ Inc. partners around the world. Activity centred around the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™FIFA WWC Trophy Tour, to highlight New Zealand’s role as co-hosts of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ and raise awareness of Aotearoa New Zealand. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade $100,000
Diplomatic Engagement A series of offshore activities led by New Zealand Embassies and High Commissions in the lead up to and during the tournament, to promote the Cup and New Zealand’s commitment to women and girls in sport. A welcome event was hosted on 13 June by the Minister for Sport and Recreation for Ambassadors of teams participating in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™. The event was an opportunity to celebrate and tell Aotearoa New Zealand's story of empowering women and girls in sport through co-hosting of the Cup. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade $279,885
Manatū Wāhine Physical Activity and Wellbeing Fund A contestable fund provided financial support for community-led initiatives that break down barriers to improve women and girls’ access to sport and active recreation activities to support their wellbeing. Manatū Wāhine Ministry for Women $1,000,000 Manatū Wāhine Physical Activity and Wellbeing Fund - Ministry for Women website(external link)
The Greatest Goal A crowdfunding initiative encouraging football and sports fans to donate native trees to leave a legacy for Aotearoa as co-host of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023™. The native trees will be planted in 11 projects the length of the country and will help to restore biodiversity, take action on climate risk and grow stronger communities. Department of Conservation,
Te Uru Rakau,
Trees that Count
$270,000 Together we can score the greatest goal - Trees that count website(external link)
The Beautiful Game To capture the attention of fans in key tourism markets, Tourism New Zealand launched the most beautiful game of football the world has ever seen, set amongst the awe-inspiring backdrop of Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. Tourism New Zealand $350,000 The Beautiful Game - YouTube(external link)
Tūmunako 2.0 (Rangatahi project) This project created six, large-scale murals by internationally renowned artist Mr G (Graham Hoete), and young female artists to celebrate current and future generations of Māori and Pasifika Football Ferns and indigenous leaders. Te Puni Kōkiri $562,300
Wāhine Firsts A national print and digital campaign to celebrate and showcase the phenomenal Kiwi women that have achieved world firsts. New Zealand Story *Included in the Equalize project amount

Upgraded sporting facilities

In September 2022, the Government announced a $19 million investment towards upgrades at 30 sporting facilities earmarked for the tournament, including Team Base Camps. The upgrades, which were all completed by the end of June 2023, involved pitch, lighting and facility enhancements and gender-neutral changing spaces.

These upgrades were critical to ensure the success of the tournament, but will also benefit local communities, football clubs and many different sporting codes that use these facilities now and in the future.

For a breakdown of the Government’s investment by region and venue see Upgrades for sporting facilities ahead of FIFA Women’s World Cup press release - Beehive website(external link)