The role of New Zealand Major Events

We advise government about investing in major events, and partner with the events sector to attract events, boost sector capability, and leverage event benefits for New Zealand.

What we do — our role

New Zealand Major Events is:

  • an advisor to government ministers on aligning events to government objectives
  • the link between the events sector and the operational and leverage arms of government
  • an investor in events to achieve outcomes that align with government priorities
  • a partner with other event stakeholders to attract, deliver and leverage major events.

Specific responsibilities

Our specific responsibilities include:

  • advising the minister about major events
  • advising on leverage and legacy programmes that deliver measurable results and capitalise on event-hosting opportunities
  • administering the Major Events Fund and helping applicants who meet the criteria, through the contestable, 2-stage application process
  • administering the Major Events Management Act 2007
  • collaborating with the event sector to attract, retain or grow major events which:
    • increase national pride
    • create social connection
    • reflect and celebrate New Zealand culture
  • liaising with government, being a single point of contact for event practitioners and
    assisting with major government contacts and guest of government hosting advice
  • supporting sector research, monitoring and measurement
  • supporting the development of industry database requirements (including event infrastructure, personnel and regional contacts).

Why — our rationale

Events are usually organised and delivered by the private sector without the need for government involvement. However, in some instances, government involvement is needed to secure an event through a bidding process. In other cases, government investment helps create more benefits for New Zealand.

The actions required to gain these broader or more enduring benefits often fall outside an event organiser’s focus and role in delivering the event itself.

Without deliberate government intervention, the full potential for these benefits may go unrealised. Accelerating and extending these benefits is the main reason government invests in major events.