About the Major Events Fund

The Major Events Fund (formerly the Major Events Development Fund) is an investment fund to support major events to achieve specific outcomes that align with government priorities. The Major Events Fund has a $50 million five-year appropriation. It is a contestable Fund that is not intended as a source of ongoing, year-on-year investment in events.

Major events that receive Major Events Fund investment must demonstrate that the event, or event platform, can be used to secure specific outcomes for Government. Events that receive Major Events Fund investment are required to meet the definition of a major event and meet the Fund’s criteria.

Definition of a major event

Fund criteria

In March 2019, a new direction was set for the Major Events Fund following decisions by Major Events Ministers to introduce a 2019–2021 Statement of Investment Priority (SIP) and create a Creative and Cultural Events Incubator. These changes created a shift from prioritising just immediate economic impact to include wider social and cultural benefits. Changes were introduced to focus and balance the Fund, and streamline processes.

The 2019–2021 SIP expired at the end of the June 2022 financial year. This triggered a review which confirmed that the 2019–2021 SIP had been functioning effectively, focussing MEF investments and bringing clarity to the purpose of the Major Events Fund. Opportunities for some small refinements to wording within the sport and creative and cultural focus statements were identified. These changes have been incorporated in a 2022–2024 SIP.

2022–2024 Statement of Investment Priority

The SIP prioritises events that are, or have potential to be, internationally significant and which create social connection, reflect and celebrate New Zealand culture and build national pride.

There is a separate focus for sports and creative and cultural events.

Sports events: To meet the SIP sports events must pursue high performance outcomes, engage with targeted populations and have a commitment to wellbeing outcomes through sport and increasing physical activity levels.

Creative and cultural events: To meet the SIP creative and cultural events must create opportunities to profile and celebrate New Zealand’s national identity, with a focus on Māori and Pasifika arts and culture.

How to apply for funding support

Applications for the Major Events Fund are accepted year round.

The Major Events Fund is open year round. Applications for the Major Events Fund need to be submitted at least two years in advance of the event commencement date to allow sufficient time to assess the event and develop leverage and legacy programmes to secure benefits off the event/event platform.

Major Events Fund Criteria

Creative and Cultural Events Incubator

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Last updated: 27 January 2022