Eligibility for investment

Events looking to secure Incubator investment must align with the Major Events Fund’s Statement of Investment Priority. Events are expected to be on a pathway to becoming internationally significant and financially self-sustaining.

The 2022-2024 Major Events Statement of Investment Priority (SIP) states:

The Major Events Fund (including the Creative and Cultural Events Incubator) prioritises events that are, or have potential to be, internationally significant which create social connection, reflect and celebrate New Zealand culture and build national pride. There is a separate focus for sports and creative and cultural events.

To meet the SIP, creative and cultural events must create opportunities to profile and celebrate New Zealand's national identity, with a focus on Māori and Pasifika arts and culture.

Growth focus

Events seeking Incubator investment are expected to be on a pathway to becoming internationally significant and financially self-sustaining.

It is important for New Zealand Major Events to understand the challenges the event is facing and the step change that is being targeted. For the purposes of the Incubator, a step change is considered to be a move from one of the following engagement levels to the next:

  1. Local community engagement (within town or city)
  2. Regional engagement (within region)
  3. Drive zone engagement (within 1-4 hour drive radius)
  4. Wider domestic engagement (within New Zealand)
  5. International engagement (from overseas)

Local support

Events seeking Incubator investment must have the support of local government ie: city or regional council and or council controlled organisations such as an economic development agency. This support must be for the event itself and the planned growth goals; an event will not be able to become internationally significant without the support of the council of the region in which it is held.

The support should demonstrate a level of financial investment and/or value in-kind equal or higher than the investment ask of the Incubator. Acceptable evidence of this support can be an Agreement, or letter of support from the authority or organisation which clearly outlines what has or will be agreed.

Additional evidence of tautoko / support for the event from local iwi, mana whenua, local pasifika communities or such groups, that outlines their support of the event is not a requirement but would be advantageous. This support does not have to be financial or budget relieving.

Investment parameters

The parameters for investment are:

  • Investment range: $20,000-$100,000 per iteration.
  • Investment tenure: maximum of three event iterations, consecutive or not.
  • Contract tenure: per iteration.
  • Event location: Permanent New Zealand based events.
  • Event frequency: annual or biennial (every one or two years).
  • Application lead in timeframe: at least nine months in advance of the event.
  • Local government or Economic Development Agency support: evidence of financial or value in kind support is required.
  • Tagged purpose: it is highly likely that investment will be tagged to key pieces of work.

Events applying for Incubator investment will not or are unlikely to receive funding if:

Is NOT funded Is UNLIKELY to be funded
The event does not align with the Major Events Statement of Investment Priority and the specific creative and cultural events criteria. The event does not have a vision for growth, to become an internationally significant event of scale.
Investment for an offshore (out of New Zealand) event or activity. Investment that will largely be channelled offshore e.g. rights fees at a disproportionate level to the likely benefits, or to offshore event organisations, or in prize money.
The applicant is a central Government agency. The event is not supported by a local authority, economic development agency or regional tourism office.
Investment greater than $100,000 per iteration. Investment less than $20,000 per iteration.
Investment to underwrite an event. The event is currently generating large profits or surpluses.
Investment for activity that is ancillary to the event e.g. feeder programmes. The event is less than 9 months away from the time of application.
The event is currently receiving investment from the Major Events Fund. The event proposes local and central government investment comprising more than 70% of the total event budget.
The event is a business or trade event e.g. conference, trade fair or expo. The event may adversely affect an existing Major Events Fund or Incubator event due to timing or any other reason.
The event is a one-off occurrence e.g. one-off theatrical or concert productions.

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Last updated: 20 January 2022