Applying to be declared a major event under the Act

We manage the legislative process if you wish to apply to be declared a ‘Major Event’ under the Major Events Management Act.

How to apply

There’s no formal application form or prescribed format for applications, or any fee. The applications that have so far been accepted have been submitted in the form of a cover letter with an attached schedule or report.

Applications must:

  • address the factors that the Minister for Economic Development is required to consider, listed in Section 7 of the Act
  • include evidence to support any assertions made about the status of the event.

‘Major event’ declaration requirements, and possible evidence


Requirement under Section 7 of the Act

Possible evidence for the Minister

The event organiser has the capacity and intention to successfully and professionally manage the event.

Information about the event organiser's:

  • management structure
  • resources and expertise
  • support from the international body
  • history of successfully managing similar events.

The event organiser has the capacity and intention to use all practicable measures available under the existing law to prevent unauthorised commercial exploitation of the major event and to protect its intellectual property and other legal rights.

Information about the event organiser's:

  • programme of intellectual property registration and enforcement
  • contractual measures with sponsors and participants.

The event will attract a large number of international participants or spectators and generate tourism opportunities for New Zealand.


  • numbers for attendance at the event or previous similar events
  • international television audience.

The event will significantly raise New Zealand’s international profile.

Information about how:

  • the event is perceived by the international body and international member organisations and/or participants
  • New Zealand’s hosting of the event might enhance New Zealand’s international profile generally, and more specifically with the international body for hosting future events
  • television coverage of the event might promote New Zealand and New Zealand products to overseas television audiences.

The event will require a high level of professional management and coordination

Information about the scale of the event, such as:

  • number of venues, participants, officials and VIPs
  • level of sponsorship involved
  • international body requirements.

The event will attract significant sponsorship and international media coverage.

Information about:

  • who the main sponsors are
  • what the likely media coverage is, such as how many media will attend, from where, and how extensively the event will be broadcast internationally.

The event will attract large numbers of New Zealanders as participants and spectators.

Information about:

  • estimated spectator/audience/attendee numbers at the event
  • how New Zealanders might participate, such as volunteers, officials, participants etc.

The event will offer substantial sporting, cultural, social, economic, or other benefits for New Zealand or New Zealanders.

Information about the benefits the event will have for New Zealand that haven’t been captured above, such as:

  • promotion of participation and high achievement in the event field
  • enhancing key relationships
  • experience for hosting future events.

Before making an application to have your event declared a ‘major event’, get in touch with us (see Contact us below for how).

We’ll work with you to assess whether your event meets the criteria in the Act. If it does, we’ll help make sure your application contains an appropriate level of information.


The earlier an event is declared to be a major event under the Act, the more time there is to publicise the fact and the more effective the protection available will be.

Applications require extensive government consultation, and can take up to 6 months to complete. Ideally your application should be approved and in place a minimum of 1 year out from the event — therefore we recommend you start planning 18 months out from your event.

Contact us

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is responsible for administering the Act, through the Major Events team.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Major Events Team.

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