Running a safe and secure event

A successful event will offer the attendees, staff and volunteers a positive experience and ensure they are safe and secure.

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Managing risks

Events come in many different sizes and cover a wide range of activities. Whether your event is small or large, there are commonalities in the planning process. As the event organiser, you are responsible for planning the event and ensuring it complies with relevant laws and procedures.

Types of events

Mega or Major? How do we class different kinds of events.

Key roles and responsibilities

While there may be specific obligations for different people and/or agencies, event safety is a shared responsibility and should be a focus for everyone – event organisers, the Government and public. Effective governance structures and event planning will help to ensure this can happen.

Event planning

Having a clear governance structure, health and safety plans and a robust risk management plan will help ensure that you have a framework to plan your event effectively and will enable you to run a great event.

Encouraging your attendees to be security conscious

Safety and security are likely to be top of many event attendees’ minds. Providing the attendees with information about how they can be security conscious can help you to run a safe event but will also help assure them that the event organiser is taking their safety seriously.

Who to contact

Remember that you can always reach out if you have any further questions.