Major events declared under Major Events Management Act 2007 (MEMA)

Find out more about past and current events which have been declared under MEMA including FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023.

Current MEMA events

FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023

MEMA declaration

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 has been declared a major event under MEMA. The declaration  covers:

  • the official draw (22 October 2022);
  • the Play-Off Tournament (February 2023); and
  • the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 tournament (20 July to 20 August 2023).

Major Events Management (FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023) Order 2022 - Legislation website(external link)

Ambush marketing

During the protection period (until 19 September 2023), it is illegal to associate a person, business, brand or product with the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 without FIFA's permission. 

For example, if you run a bar or restaurant, you’re not allowed to have advertising that implies you are associated with the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 when you are not.

The question to be asked in each case is:

“Would this particular representation suggest to a reasonable person an association with the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023?”

Note that a number of exceptions are contained in the MEMA. For more information on exceptions see How the Major Events Management Act protects events

Protected emblems and words

There are certain words, phrases and emblems related to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 that are protected under MEMA. Their use in advertising or other representation may be presumed to create an unauthorised association with the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, in breach of the MEMA.

These include:

  • FIFA
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup
  • Football Women’s World Cup
  • Women’s World Cup Australia 2023
  • Women’s World Cup New Zealand 2023

The same applies to words, phrases or emblems that closely resembles those protected words, phrases and emblems. 

See the following links that provide full lists of protected emblems and words in relation to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023:

Declared major event emblems (external link)

Declared major event words (external link)

Clean zones and clean transport routes

Clean zones and clean transport routes refer to areas that are given extra protection for specific times (clean periods) to further prevent ambush marketing (unauthorised advertising and street trading).

They are around stadia and the FIFA Fan Festivals in the four host cities (Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Dunedin).

Notice Declaring Clean Zones, Clean Transport Routes, and Clean Periods for FIFA Women’s World Cup Venues-Gazette (external link)

There are two main restrictions in and around the clean zones and clean transport routes:

  • You can’t do any street trading within the clean zones during clean periods, unless authorised by the event organiser. This does not apply to someone operating an existing business out of its existing permanent premises.
  • You can’t put any unauthorised advertising within the clean zones, anywhere clearly visible from within the clean zones (including advertising placed on private property such as a house or commercial building), and along the clean transport routes. Exceptions apply, notably where advertising has the written authorisation of the event organiser, and where, in accordance with honest practices in industrial or commercial matters, advertising is done by an existing organisation continuing to carry out its ordinary activities.

Business as usual

The ‘business as usual’ exception in MEMA means businesses can continue to carry out their ordinary activities, even in the clean zones and clean transport routes.

For more information about what you can and can’t do, including examples, see the Guide to the Major Events Management Act 2007. [PDF, 3.4 MB]

Past MEMA events

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  • Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022
  • 36th America’s Cup
  • Rugby League World Cup 2017
  • New Zealand Lions Series 2017
  • World Masters Games 2017
  • Cricket World Cup 2015
  • FIFA U-20 World Cup 2015
  • IRB Junior World Championship 2014
  • Volvo Ocean Race Auckland Stopover 2012
  • Triathlon World Cup 2011 Series Event and Triathlon World Championship Grand Final 2012
  • Rugby World Cup 2011
  • World Rowing Championships 2010
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  • FIBA U-19 World Championship 2009
  • FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2008