Transport and border planning for events

This section has guidance on developing an integrated border arrival and transport plan for your event including information about the Major Events Border Steering Group and the border facilitation process.

Communicate New Zealand border information

A successful world-class major event requires a border arrival and transport plan that caters to the needs of event participants, players, officials, VIPs and guests.

As an event organiser, you need to provide international visitors, teams, officials and VIPs with information about New Zealand's border requirements well before they leave their home countries.

  • Ensure that before teams, officials, VIPs and conference and festival attendees leave for New Zealand they are fully aware of the visa, immigration, work visa, customs and biosecurity border requirements.
  • Where possible in your communications, emphasise the messages around New Zealand's stringent biosecurity requirements as most visitors to New Zealand don't understand the need for these.
  • Communicate regularly with the event participants about New Zealand's border requirements in the lead-up to their departure for New Zealand.
  • Ensure any teams, event participants, officials and VIPs associated with the event have received the appropriate transit visa(s) for any other country they will travel through on their way to and from New Zealand.

Working closely with the border control agencies and the airport authority, and developing an integrated border arrival and transport plan will go a long way to helping achieve this.

Agencies we work with include:

Border facilitation process

International border arrivals and a successful meet-and-greet strategy are the first impression visitors get of an event, so make it a welcoming and trouble-free experience.

The Major Event Border Steering Group provides a border facilitation process, which:

  • is a single point of contact to local organising committees (LOC) when planning for, and during major events in New Zealand
  • enables a coordinated and seamless border experience for major event attendees.

About the steering group

The Major Event Border Steering Group is made up of the main New Zealand border agencies and stakeholders:

  • New Zealand Immigration Service
  • New Zealand Customs Service
  • Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Aviation Security Service
  • New Zealand Police
  • New Zealand Major Events
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Regional Border Coordination Committee representatives.

The process

See Border facilitation process for information on how to apply for border facilitation, and what to do if your application is approved.

VIP border facilitation

Major events are attended by influential and significant people — political leaders, international business leaders, and international leaders in sport and the arts. Providing VIPs with airside greeting, reception and border facilitation acknowledges their status, importance and influence, and enhances New Zealand’s reputation as a welcoming host country.

See VIP border facilitation for more information about how to provide this service.


Meet and greet checklist

Meet-and-Greet Strategy Checklist [PDF, 450 KB]

Border facilitation application form

New Zealand Major Events Border Facilitation Application Form [PDF, 123 KB]