Event sponsorship service and delivery

How to keep your sponsors happy and ensure you deliver the sponsorship collateral to all partners, sponsors, suppliers and host broadcasters as detailed in your event marketing plan.

Sponsor servicing

Look after your sponsors and ensure they are happy with the deals they are getting, both up to and at the event.

  • Ensure you allocate approximately 10% of the sponsorship value to sponsor servicing costs.
  • Develop and run sponsor workshops to encourage proactive leverage activity from all the sponsors in their specific areas. Workshops will also identify and encourage cross-promotional opportunities between sponsors.
  • Treat local and central government funding providers in the same way as you would a sponsor, by ensuring they receive a good return on their investments. See the Leverage and legacy section for more information.
  • Keep a fair balance between all of the sponsors and official suppliers, with transparency as to their rights and benefits.
  • Ensure that you undertake a partner debrief process, including producing a post-event partner report.

Sponsorship deliverables

Include sponsorship deliverables within the overall project/marketing plan. Make sure all items specified are delivered for all media partners, private and public sector sponsors, suppliers and host broadcasters.

  • Liaise regularly with the sponsors and media partners.
  • Ensure items such as media backdrops, venue perimeter signage and stadium dressing are designed and implemented to fulfil the agreed obligations.
  • Ensure the design and distribution of posters and programmes, and direct marketing, television, radio and print advertising strategies, are all implemented and integrated with the event marketing plan.