Event sponsorship management

This section has guidance on developing and implementing a successful sponsorship strategy, plus a sponsorship agreement template.

Consider sponsors' motivations

Sponsorship is a critical source of funding for events, however what prospective sponsors are looking for is changing.

The motivations for sponsoring an event are changing. Companies no longer will pay large sums of money for the use of an event logo or composite branding. They are now seeking tailor-made packages that align with their broader business strategies. Focus has moved to brand experience, community engagement and staff engagement.

Increasingly, you must look at providing money-can’t-buy experiences and other unique offerings to attract corporate investment.

Sponsors are looking to create partnerships with an event and explore opportunities that provide or allow for:

  • creating a memorable brand experience
  • telling a story and/or creating a meaningful relationship
  • injecting personality into their brand
  • having a positive influence on their brand
  • engaging staff
  • showcasing world-class products
  • an experience for social media followers
  • an experience to reward high-value customers
  • generating revenue off the back of the event.

Sponsor requirements

In an effort to safeguard sponsorship programmes, a number of major events now have specific requirements for providing venues free of any signage or branding. Check whether the event owner has stipulated any 'clean venue' requirements.

Examples of clean venue requirements

Conducting a sponsorship audit

To maximise your event's sponsorship revenue potential, your first step in creating a sponsorship plan should be doing a sponsorship audit.

An audit will help you identify:

  • what sponsorship benefits can be offered by the event
  • which are the best companies to approach.

The audit includes an analysis of the event and its associated features.

Sponsorship audit checklist [PDF, 194 KB]

Developing your sponsorship strategy

Developing and implementing a successful sponsorship strategy is critical to the financial success of any major event.

See Sponsorship strategy for more information on how to do this.