Leverage and legacy committee

To ensure an event’s legacy and leverage benefits are achieved, you should set up a leverage and legacy committee or working group.

Role of the committee

The role of the legacy and leverage committee (or working group) is to share information, ideas, strategies and tactics, so that the initiatives and activities are aligned and focused on achieving common goals. These activities sit alongside the event.

Committee membership

The committee (or working group) should include representatives from the major stakeholder groups, including:

  • New Zealand sporting code or the sporting, artistic or cultural group that is hosting the event
  • event governance group
  • event management team
  • local, regional and central government
  • other funding partners.

Each member of the committee/group should:

  • have a clear view of what their organisation wants to achieve from the event
  • take ownership and responsibility for the delivery of the benefits relevant to their organisation.

Event management team representative

Consider appointing a senior member of the event management team to sit on the committee, as this will help to convey the importance of the long-term goals, which can in turn drive planning. They should be tasked with championing the cause for the various leverage and legacy initiatives within the event management team.

However, the event management team must not be considered solely responsible for the achievement of the legacy objectives, even though they are often in the best position to facilitate the integration and monitoring of the various activities.

Involvement of the event management team is important, however it must not distract them from their core duty of delivering the event. No matter how good a leverage and legacy plan is, it won't derive full value unless the event is an operational success.

Committee terms of reference

Lasting legacy benefits are only going to be realised if a collaborative approach is taken to leverage and legacy planning.

We strongly recommend you develop a detailed leverage and legacy committee terms of reference document which clearly articulates:

  • the event’s vision and objectives
  • the committee’s purpose
  • major partner organisations
  • committee personnel (including identifying a chair)
  • responsibilities of committee members
  • responsibilities of committee chair
  • high level work plan including next steps
  • reporting schedule.
Sample terms of reference

Leverage and Legacy Committee Terms of Reference — ITU Triathlon World Championship Grand Final 2012 [PDF, 103 KB]