Governance of the Major Events Development Fund

This page has information about the make-up of the Major Events Ministers' Group and the Major Events Investments Panel which together oversee the Major Events Development Fund.

Ministers' Group

The Major Events Ministers' Group is made up of the following ministers:

  • Minister of Economic Development (Chair)
  • Minister of Tourism
  • Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister for Sport and Recreation.

The Major Events Ministers' Group approves or declines any recommendations made by the Major Events Investment Panel.

Our team provides secretariat support for the Major Events Ministers' Group.

Major Events Investment Panel

The Major Events Investment Panel has been set up to allow private and public sector input in investment decisions. The Panel:

  • considers major event applications
  • makes recommendations to the Ministers' Group on event investment, event leverage and legacy and event prospecting
  • provides support to the Ministers' Group.

The Major Events Investment Panel is made up of up to 5 independent members with expertise across the fields of major events management, bidding for international investment opportunities and assessing commercial risks.

The current panel is:

  • Barry Maister
  • Tim Cossar