Information for Recipients

The Domestic Events Fund has been fully allocated. The following information is to assist recipients of the Fund.

Appeal process 

Domestic Events Fund decisions are final and there is no appeal process.

Contractual information

Contracts are being finalised now. Given the large number of contracts to process, we intend to prioritise events by delivery date order.

Once you have received your contract, we ask that you aim to return your contract to us within two weeks. This will allow payments to be made to you promptly and will also ensure that the 50% to be realised for suppliers also reaches this portion of the sector. The objective of the Domestic Events Fund is to support the entire sector and it is important that cash flow is distributed quickly. As an established and recurring event, it is expected that you will have key suppliers that likely charge similar costs year on year which will need to be paid.

Please expect payment approximately seven business days from the date of submitting the invoice. We recommend that if you have not received the invoice within 14 business days to send an email with your DEF reference number to

Postponement or cancellation of events

In the unfortunate circumstance that your event needs to be postponed or cancelled, please inform us. This will not necessarily impact your funding. A decision on funding will be based on the reasons why the event could not proceed, balanced against the key objectives of the Fund i.e. ensuring that key components of the sector endure post COVID-19.

You must advise the New Zealand Major Events team at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment of this by emailing We recommend that you use your reference number and reference a postponement or cancellation in the subject line. We request that you engage with our team prior to advising the media.

Recipient Funding Agreements

The non-event related details in the Domestic Events Funding Agreements are non-negotiable. This includes a request in changing milestone payment 75% and 25% splits.

While funding was awarded prior to all events going ahead, there are some events that have yet to receive their agreements. You are able to use Domestic Events Fund funding to cover costs that have already been paid to key suppliers, provided it is for the iteration of the event(s) contracted.

The definition for a Key Supplier is listed in the (1) Interpretation section under Schedule 2 of the agreement. Key Suppliers means a third-party individual or entity which provides key goods and/or services to enable the delivery of the Event. For the avoidance of doubt, a Key Supplier excludes internal staff within the recipient’s organisation and content suppliers, including, but not limited to, performers and artists. Examples of key suppliers could be venues, marquee and equipment hire, audio and visual technicians or staging.

For most events it is likely that key suppliers will be easily identified but for events that are unsure, you might consider talking to your suppliers to help you determine which suppliers rely heavily on your particular event proceeding. It may also help to identify those suppliers that are crucial to enable your event to be delivered.

Last updated: 20 October 2020