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Your volunteer programme

Motivated, friendly, enthusiastic and well-trained volunteers are crucial to successful event delivery and an important part of an event organiser’s team.

They are generally the ‘ambassadors’ of an event - creating the first and most lasting impression on teams, officials, VIPs and the public.

Developing a comprehensive volunteer programme will help ensure an event meets world class standards and provide participants with lasting memories of the event, the community experience and New Zealand.

People volunteer for many reasons, it is important to acknowledge they are giving up their time for your organisation and for their community.

When you plan your recruitment strategy, remember volunteers have many different reasons for volunteering and by identifying this you are also recognising different ways to recruit new volunteers.

Key messages for volunteers include:

  • The opportunity to make a contribution to their community.
  • An insider’s view of being part of an event.
  • Gaining useful job experience and satisfaction.
  • Helping out.
  • Meeting likeminded people.
  • Identifying possibilities for personal skills development.
  • Strengthening their CV and presenting a community committed approach for future employers.


To have an effective volunteering programme you need to plan ahead!

Plan your Volunteer Program with the Managing Volunteers Checklist


  • Regularly monitor your Volunteer Programme so that you are in a position to respond to the shifting workloads that arise leading up to and during the event.
  • Select quality volunteers. Attitude is the key to great service and quantity is not better than quality. Select volunteers who have the right skills and enthusiasm.
  • Do not underestimate your volunteer expenses when setting your event budget. Volunteers are not free labour and you need to plan for the appropriate expenses.
  • Provide great volunteering opportunities and experiences to engage volunteers and encourage them to return to your event.


Both paid staff and volunteers represent your event and as your event ambassadors must:

  • Have a clear understanding of the event.
  • Understand the aims, objectives and philosophy of your event.


By adopting best practice volunteer management principles and empowering volunteers with a good understanding of your organisation, you will provide awesome volunteering opportunities to inspire volunteers to come back to your event each year or to become involved in your organisation in an on-going manner.

If you are not already registered on VolunteerNet, contact VolunteerNet now via email.

Last updated 21 April 2016