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Maximise your volunteer recruitment

There are many ways of linking your event with volunteer recruitment strategies:

  • Launch your call for volunteers on VolunteerNet, emphasising the benefits of volunteering at your event. Register on VolunteerNet with the details of your event and provide photos so it can be promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Develop your social media strategy in harmony with your website.
  • Look to secure 'value in kind' rate card airtime with your media partners to assist in general volunteer recruitment promotion. 
  • Work with the national and regional sports bodies or arts groups that are specific to your event. 
  • Consider a direct marketing and tele-sales campaign to these affiliated members, providing various incentives.
  • Seek website presence with your partners, sponsors or relevant government agencies to assist via their websites in 'promoting the call for volunteers', e.g. SportNZ for sport and Creative NZ for arts.
  • Work with tertiary institutions specific to courses that may be relevant, for example media study groups to provide volunteers in the media centres.
  • Promote volunteer open days and invite dignitaries and celebrities to attend.
  • Consider whether an Observers Programme will benefit your event.
  • Consider the timing of the volunteer recruitment drive. Try to time the campaign with another special announcement such as a launch or official draw.
  • Work with the host city or cities to utilise their contacts and other marketing media.


Last updated 21 April 2016