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Border facilitation process

The Major Events Border Steering Group provides a one-stop border shop and a targeted border facilitation service for events that meet its criteria.


Border facilitation criteria

To be eligible to apply for facilitation, an event must meet some or all of the following criteria.

  • It will attract a large number of international participants and/or spectators and has the potential to generate significant tourism opportunities for New Zealand.

  • It has the potential to raise New Zealand's international profile significantly and to attract major sponsorships and international media coverage.

  • Organisers can demonstrate a high level of professional management and coordination.

  • It offers substantial sporting, cultural, social, economic or other benefits to New Zealand or New Zealanders.


What facilitation provides

For sports team members, managers, match officials, conference attendees or festival participants, the service provides:

  • event-dedicated incoming lanes for immigration, customs and bio-security
  • immigration support for visa services and border facilitation
  • priority luggage transfer
  • airside meeting and greeting for teams, managers and VIPs
  • a special commemorative stamp is sometimes developed for certain events.


The facilitation process

The Major Events Border Steering Group has produced an advisory notice to provide event organisers with guidance on the process and an information checklist for accessing border services.


How to apply

  • Complete the Major Events Border Facilitation Application Form [514 KB PDF]. Please type your information into the form, if you are unable to do so please contact majorevents@mbie.govt.nz. 
  • Send to the New Zealand Major Events Coordinator majorevents@mbie.govt.nz for assessment and a response.
  • The Major Events Border Steering Group (MEBSG) will make its decision by assessing the event against the criteria and in the context of any border-specific factors that may be present, or potentially arise.
  • The event organiser will be advised by New Zealand Major Events of the outcome.

Major Events Development Fund recipients - first discuss with your New Zealand Major Events Advisor.



As a general rule, applications should be received by the Major Events Border Steering Group at least six months out from the event.


Last updated 3 May 2016