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Sponsorship planning

In order to maximise the event's sponsorship revenue potential the event organiser must undertake a full event sponsorship audit so that they can:

  • identify what sponsorship benefits can be offered by the event
  • identify which are the best companies to approach.

In an effort to safeguard sponsorship programmes, a number of major events now have specific requirements relating to the provision of venues free of any signage or branding – check whether the event owner has stipulated any “clean venue’ requirements.




Sponsorship auditing

Conducting a sponsorship audit is the first step in developing the sponsorship plan. The audit includes an analysis of the event and its associated features.


Guidelines, manuals


Sponsorship strategy

To develop a sponsorship structure and strategy for the event:

  • Determine a sponsorship structure, for example a ‘family of five’ type strategy with secondary supply/associate sponsors.
  • Keep a careful balance between companies if there are different levels of involvement, so that each is clear about how they fit in with each other – particularly about whether they are seen as sponsors or as official suppliers.
  • Identify relevant companies/industry sectors to be approached.
  • Tailor proposals to all companies. Do not use a generic ‘shotgun’ approach.
  • Determine the value of the sponsorship packages.
  • Outline the benefits and sales features of each package.
  • Set the financial/sponsorship sales targets and timelines.
  • Identify a range of other commercial/fundraising opportunities including donations, merchandising etc.


Quantifying sponsorship value

Establishing the price of any sponsorship programme is always difficult. Bear in mind the following principles:

  • compare the sponsorship prices for previous events as well as the media value in terms of potential coverage, before setting the price you seek,
  • be realistic and flexible in your negotiations,
  • make sure that you offer enough tangible benefits to match the sponsor’s commitment and try to exceed this projection at the event itself.


Last updated 5 May 2016