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Working with Police

While the prime responsibility is with the organiser for ensuring a safe environment at the event, the New Zealand Police are generally able to advise on and support the security measures.

It is important to develop a partnership and involve the Police right from the start.

  • Provide the Police with the event details so they can make an informed initial assessment.
  • Develop a positive working relationship – ensure that the Police have a good understanding of the event and the roles and responsibilities of the event staff.
  • Ensure a regular exchange of information between you, the event organiser and the Police.
  • Ensure that all staff clearly understands the different roles and systems.


Terrorism threats

Major events are always potentially at risk of being used as a platform for terrorism.

In New Zealand, the Police Commissioner is accountable for the operational response to threats to national security, and has a key role through the Official Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination (ODESC).

ODESC is made up of a range of government and non-government agencies that work together to manage New Zealand's wider counter-terrorism efforts.

See New Zealand's response to threats of terrorism.


Last updated 21 April 2016