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Security vendors

Security planning is a specialist area. It calls for specialised skills and an understanding of events and event experience, to operationalise the decisions stemming from the security plan. When evaluating potential vendors, carefully review their qualifications and experience and conduct reference checks with other event organisers.

The security company you appoint must be:

  • able to provide appropriate staff for the type of event you are holding

  • available to present and speak to its plan to the host city, New Zealand Police and venue operator as required.


Security staff

Legislation: Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010.

  • The purpose of the Act is to ensure that persons offering specified private security are suitably qualified to carry out that work; and do not behave in ways that are contrary to the public interest.
  • The Act introduces a licensing regime and anyone engaged in providing security services must obtain a licence or certificate of approval from the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority. Specifically, private security businesses require a licence and individuals who work for licence holders require a certificate of approval.
  • The following persons must hold a licence under this Act - private investigators, security technicians, security consultants, confidential document destruction agents, property guards, personal guards (body guards) and crowd controllers (bouncers).
  • The security provider should be a member of the New Zealand Security Association.


Last updated 21 April 2016