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Post-event economic evaluation guidelines

Until recently, MBIE has not prescribed a specific economic evaluation approach for post-event reporting for individual events receiving MEDF investment. This has resulted in many different methodologies being used.

In order to improve post-event reporting and to keep a level of consistency between regional and national level reporting, Major Events is proposing a change in process to its post event economic evaluation reporting.

This change involves:

  • improving the collection and reporting of an event’s in-scope expenditure measures;
  • designing and building an event expenditure module based on MBIE’s International Visitor Survey data to use when calculating event visitors’ daily spend;
  • using MBIE’s in-house economic evaluation model to calculate an event’s national net economic benefit – with improved reporting of an event’s in-scope expenditure as a base.


The proposed changes will strengthen both regional and national level reporting of economic benefits of events, and allow events to focus on one area of the economic evaluation, namely the delivery of the event’s visitor survey and collection of in-scope expenditure measures. Bringing the calculation of an event’s national net economic benefit in-house means events will no longer need to commission and pay for an independent assessment of the national economic benefit of the event, although events may still need to more formally fulfil this requirement for regional level reporting.

A fully prescribed set of post-event economic evaluation guidelines is available here:


Last updated 1 October 2013