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Each stakeholder will require a particular reporting focus. It is important to clarify exactly what they require and where they want the reporting emphasis to lie.

While each of your reports will have to be customised, the greater part of the content should be common to them all. 

Plan your post-event report strategy during the lead-up to the event so that you:

  • start gathering the necessary information in the planning stages
  • continue gathering information as the event proceeds
  • collect specific examples to illustrate the reports throughout all the event management stages.


The reports are a valuable information tool for the development of future events and to inform good practice. They:

  • Ensure you capture the learning from the event.
  • Help identify how the event can grow.
  • Provide a business rationale on how future events can create opportunities such as:
    • attracting more sponsorship
    • developing other aspects/areas of the event.


All post-event reports should:

  • Demonstrate delivery of all the contractual obligations.
  • Review the overall success of the event in reaching its key objectives.
  • Document any economic, social, cultural and/or international exposure benefits created by the event.
  • Document any leverage and legacy benefits created by the event.
  • Determine key recommendations for future events.
Last updated 9 January 2013