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Media and broadcast management

Securing comprehensive media coverage of an event is an important component of event planning. A plan for media engagement around the event should form a significant and integrated part of the event’s marketing and communications plan.

Gaining exposure for an event through the media (newspaper, magazine, television, radio or online) is the most effective way to communicate with the public about an event. The public generally gets most of its information about events from the media, so securing positive and informed media coverage can be a very influential tool in shaping public perception.

Event organisers should establish strong collaborative relationships with all the different areas of the media, with clear lines of communication and workable plans for supplying timely, appropriate and interesting material concerning the event.

Some key advantages of using the media to communicate about an event include:

  • the ability to reach a very wide range of people
  • it is usually free (in the case of editorial coverage)
  • it can be organised at relatively short notice.

The media can be your best advertisement, but also your harshest critics, so ensure that you manage them professionally, yet firmly.


Seek expert advice

Event organisers should appoint a media manager to assist with managing day-to-day media requirements (including access to key participants and spokespersons), and during the event, to take responsibility for managing the media centre and running press conferences etc.

Consider using an expert in media relations and an experienced TV director to be your main advisers on the requirements of their peers. This is a highly specialised area so it is important to involve someone who understands media requirements and has a good relationship with the media.

The engagement of external expertise is particularly important for broadcast sales and management, as these aspects are extremely complex.

This module provides an explanation of various media and broadcast related concepts and guidance around effective management of media and broadcasting.


Last updated 3 May 2016