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Marketing and communications

With growing competition amongst events and marketing media, there are far more opportunities for the general public to choose where to spend their disposable income.

One of the biggest challenges for an event is to identify the most effective strategies for reaching target markets to ensure the event achieves the best possible exposure with these groups.

Events may need to think outside the square to achieve their objectives.

The Writing an Event Marketing Plan module has been designed to provide you with a step-by-step overview of what to consider when putting together a marketing plan for your event. It includes templates that will help you write a simple plan that covers all the bases. It also includes case studies of innovative marketing solutions used by real events.

Social Media

Social media is a key event marketing tool and should be an integral part of any Marketing and Communications Plan. Events should keep up to date with the latest social media developments to ensure they can use it effectively to promote their events. The Introduction to Social Media Marketing module outlines how to put together a Social Media Plan. It contains an overview of social media platforms and how to best use them to market your event. It includes real life case studies so you can see how the examples work in practice, as well as templates to help you put together your plan.


Last updated 17 May 2017