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  • To make it easier for yourself as the event manager, develop your greening plan during the early stages of the event management process by 'information gathering' rather than 'creation'. For example, most venues have their own green policies. Collect this information at the outset when negotiating your venue contracts.
  • It is important to choose what is relevant, realistic and appropriate for your event. Don’t try to do everything. Every event has its own characteristics and it would be impossible to cover all eventualities, but whether your event is large or small, it will have many basic attributes in common with others. 
  • The green message should be integrated within the event communications plan. The message can be emphasised during the event lead-up, at the event itself, and as part of the post-event legacy. This should raise the awareness and the goodwill of potential spectators as well as other event organisers and owners.


Last updated 21 April 2016