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Environment and sustainability


Develop an environmental strategy

Once your objectives are set and agreed, develop a strategy that:

  • sets out the rationale for the objectives
  • determines what is going to be done to reduce the environmental impacts of hosting the event. 


The strategy should include:

  • an overview of the identified environmental impacts the event is likely to have
  • a clearly defined scope, i.e. what environmental impacts will and will not be included in the strategy
  • an aim setting out what the strategy aims to achieve
  • objectives – how the aim will be achieved. Ideally there should be an objective for each chosen focus area, e.g. waste, transport or energy
  • targets – a measurable statement against which success can be measured, e.g. 60% waste diverted from landfill
  • stakeholders – the key people (e.g. partners and suppliers) who will be involved in ensuring the strategy is delivered
  • measuring success – how the successful implementation of the strategy will be measured
  • risk mitigation – what the risks are and how these will be managed
  • the timelines.


Last updated 21 April 2016