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Environment and sustainability

International and national expectations are that 'world-class' events must have a 'greening events' policy.

Environmental protection has become increasingly important to the public and event organisers and owners. Event attendees and participants are very aware of the potential for major events to cause adverse environmental impacts such as pollution, damage to ecosystems and waste.

Event organisers should embrace and promote the clean green New Zealand image by ensuring that their event is environmentally responsible.

Operating an event in a sustainable manner with an environmental focus is no longer considered as an optional activity or a “nice-to-have” it is a must.


The benefits of greening

It is not only environmentally responsible but makes good business sense to factor environmental considerations into the planning and delivery of an event.

Hosting an environmentally responsible event will: 

  • improve the quality of attendees’ experiences – for example, good waste reduction policies and an efficient recycling system will reduce the amount of litter at the event
  • help enhance your relationships with customers and stakeholders
  • save you money – through reduced water, waste disposal and energy costs
  • inspire behaviour change
  • influence suppliers to adopt greener practices and assist in helping the environment and local communities.

This is not only good for the environment, but good for business and good public relations.


Last updated 7 March 2017