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Budgeting, financial and insurance

One of the most important aspects of organising an event is the careful planning and management of all financial operations.

Implementing strong risk planning and management systems is key to an event running smoothly and avoiding unwanted issues - event organisers need to treat this area as a top priority.

Whilst rigorous financial processes and systems may seem daunting, it is imperative that they are put in place in order to ensure effective management of an event’s finances. Strong processes and systems will greatly reduce the likelihood of financial surprises.

As events usually have limited funds available, event organisers often need to find creative cost effective solutions to ensure that their financial resources can be maximised.

This module gives a high level overview of budgeting, financial management and risk management. It will provide a basic understanding of these concepts, however finance and risk are very complex areas and it is recommended that event organisers seek professional advice.


Last updated 5 May 2016