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Deciding to bid

Bid preparation requires a team of people with a blend of major event experience and high-level business skills, including:

  • strategic planning
  • relationship management
  • financial and analytical expertise
  • marketing
  • project management
  • indepth knowledge of the event/sport
  • knowledge of local and central government processes.

Prospective bidders need to gather as much information and intelligence at the outset as possible.


The following questions can help early decision making:

  • Infrastructure - does New Zealand have the infrastructure to host the event?
  • Funding - what are the ballpark estimates to run the event appropriately? Where will the funding come from?
  • People – are there the people with the appropriate mix of skills to run the event? How many volunteers are needed?
  • Timelines – what are the lead times? For the bid? For the event? Is there sufficient time to complete a thorough feasibility study, identify funding sources and prepare a business plan? Are there other major events scheduled at the same time, or in the same region?
  • Stakeholders – who are the key stakeholders e.g. national body, potential supporters, local government
  • Strategic fit – what are the motivations behind bidding for the event? Does the event align with key stakeholder’s objectives and strategic direction?
  • Other bids - is there another group in New Zealand looking at this event, which could result in competing national bids? Would a joint approach work?

Event organisers should ensure that they engage with the appropriate local and central government agencies before preparing a bid in order to secure government support for the event – engaging with government after securing an event is a very risky option!

Note | it is never too soon to start talking to New Zealand Major Events about a prospective bid. Engaging well before an intended application can be helpful to the planning process.


Major Events Development Fund (MEDF) feasibility study and bid support

The MEDF may be able to provide financial assistance to support a feasibility study and/or bid. For further information email New Zealand Major Events.


Other support

If the event is a sporting one, Sport New Zealand should be able to assist. For further information visit the Sport New Zealand website.

If the event is a cultural one, information is available on the Creative New Zealand website.


Last updated 26 April 2016