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NZ IceFest 2014

The government, through the Major Events Development Fund has invested $800,000 in the 2012 and 2014 NZ IceFest. NZ Ice Fest celebrates New Zealand’s relationship with Antarctica and Christchurch’s position as a ‘gateway city’ for Antarctic projects and commerce. The vision of the NZ IceFest is to showcase New Zealand leadership in Antarctic industries and science and offer the ‘next best thing to Antarctica’ to business visitors, recreational visitors and New Zealanders.

The purpose of this funding is to enable the event to grow from a regional festival to an internationally-focused major event.

NZ IceFest makes a contribution to a number of Government’s objectives. The promotion of science and innovation is a strong focus of the Festival, as is the development of diplomatic ties with the US. Along with these objectives, NZ IceFest 2014 will:

  1. cement New Zealand as the world’s leading ‘Gateway to Antarctica’ and the next best thing to being there;
  2. create enduring benefits for New Zealand and New Zealanders by establishing trade, business and technology programmes to support Antarctic related industries; and
  3. attract nationwide and international exposure to cement New Zealand as a place to live, visit and do business.

More information can be found at www.nzicefest.co.nz 

[image] Barne 2 - Anthony Powell.

Image: Barne 2 - Anthony Powell.

Front page image: Black Island Stars - Anthony Powell.

Last updated 22 April 2016