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The New Zealand Government, through New Zealand Major Events, works in partnership with the event sector to support New Zealand’s growing reputation as an attractive destination for major events of global significance.

The government invests in major events that generate significant immediate and long-term benefits and align with wider government objectives through leverage and legacy opportunities.



Our vision is that New Zealand becomes a world class event destination where major events generate economic, social and cultural benefits to New Zealand.

New Zealand Major Events priorities are:

[image] NZ Major Events priorities.  



Major events have the potential to:

  • Increase tourism revenue
  • Increase opportunities for New Zealand brand promotion
  • Create new business and trade opportunities
  • Reinforce high achievement and increasing participation in sports and arts
  • Strengthen national pride and identity
  • Enhance the capability of the events sector


Long-term Outcomes

Over the long term major event outcomes include:

  • A high value economy
  • Vibrant communities and culture
  • A flourishing events sector


Priority Actions

New Zealand Major Event’s priority actions include:

  • Smart investment of the Major Events Development Fund in events with the most potential for economic return
  • Continue to ensure that events activate leverage and legacy plans that deliver on wider government objectives
  • Implement the revised decision-making structure for the Major Events Development Fund – including establishing the Major Events Ministers Group and Major Event Investment Panel
  • Develop a prospecting plan to enhance New Zealand’s ability to attract major events
  • Develop a stronger model for evaluating the economic, social and cultural benefits of major events
  • Continue to implement the Business Events Strategic Approach alongside Tourism New Zealand
  • More effectively communicate the government’s Major Events Strategy to the New Zealand events sector and reinforce New Zealand’s reputation as a world class events destination
  • Continue to support sector capability building through the Major Events Resource Bank



Last updated 26 January 2017