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Major Events Management Act

The Major Events Management Act 2007 (MEMA) provides protection for major international events that are held in New Zealand and are declared to be major events.

Its purpose is to:

  • obtain the maximum benefits from the major event for New Zealanders
  • prevent unauthorised commercial exploitation at the expense of either a major event organiser or an official sponsor of a major event
  • ensure the smooth running of major events.


‘A Guide to the Major Events Management Act 2007’ [PDF 3.4MB] provides general information and guidance on the Major Events Management Act 2007 (the MEMA) and is intended to provide an overview of the purpose of the MEMA. In particular, the Guide provides clarity on how to avoid breaching the MEMA through the unauthorised use of the major events emblems and words, which would suggest an official association with the event that does not exist.

Note: As it is not possible to address every situation in this Guide, these examples are intended to provide general guidance only. If you have any concerns about the application of the MEMA in a particular situation, please seek legal advice.



The MEMA provides protection to organisers and sponsors of major events from ambush marketing. The legislation is generic in nature and can apply to any major event that meets the criteria in the Act.

The MEMA is intended to apply to one-off internationally significant major events where protection from ambush marketing is a requirement for the award of hosting rights. The MEMA is not intended for annual or regular events that New Zealand hosts as of right.

The MEMA recognises that major events rely on sponsors making very large financial commitments. Clearly those sponsors do not want others to free-ride on their investments and trade off the goodwill and publicity surrounding an event.


Last updated 26 April 2016