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Major Events Development Fund

The purpose of the Major Events Development Fund (MEDF) is to attract, retain, grow and enhance major events.

The government invests in major events that generate significant immediate and long-term benefits and align with wider government objectives through leverage and legacy opportunities.

The Fund’s annual appropriation is currently $10m, much of which is committed several years in advance.

The Fund is not intended as a source of ongoing, year-on-year funding for events. It is a development programme for events which meet the Major Events Development Fund criteria.


The application process

The MEDF is contestable with a two-stage application process which takes approximately seven months from the Stage One deadline to confirmation of investment.

  • Stage One is open to all applicants.
  • Stage Two is by invitation only after a successful stage one application.


Stage One applications are considered against:

  • other applications in the funding round; and
  • the level of investment granted previous events.

Applicants are required to be GST registered (company, trust or incorporated society).


List of Major Events Development Fund Recipients

The following list shows investments made by the Major Events Development Fund since its establishment in 2005.


Please note:

  • Due to the contestable nature of the Fund, this should not be taken as an indication of events that are likely to receive support in the future.
  • The criteria for government support in major events has changed over time to give greater weight to maximising the immediate and longer term economic, cultural and social opportunities arising from hosting major events. A number of events previously awarded funding would no longer meet current criteria.


Last updated 15 September 2017