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Other event support

Is there any other support in addition to funding that is provided by Major Events?

  1. The Major Events Resource Bank holds good practice information for all aspects of events including planning documents, templates and information from other events. All the information is freely downloadable.
  2. Advice is available from Major Event Advisors on all aspects of the funding and application processes. To make contact email majorevents@mbie.govt.nz with an outline of your request.
  3. There may be ways that groups represented on the Major Events Investment Panel can work with your event. These opportunities are identified through the assessment process.
  4. The Major Events Border Steering Group (MEBSG) involves the key border agencies: New Zealand Immigration Service, New Zealand Customs Service, MAF Biosecurity New Zealand and the Aviation Security Service. For the benefit of visitors to New Zealand the MEBSG:
    • has developed two 'one-stop' information resources on New Zealand's border requirements and processes, 
    •  for major events that meet certain criteria it can provide a targeted border facilitation service.


Last updated 11 April 2013